Donald Trump Is Not My President

April 7, 2017

When Americans went to the acclamation in 2016 the apple waited with baited breath. The after-effects came in blubbery and fast as millions of admirers all over the apple had their fingers crossed. However, it seems what we feared a lot of is what befell us. During campaigns Trump did actual little to adumbrate his personality and adeptness to change like a chameleon. That is why if the final account was done abounding people’s stomachs sunk. Americans knew that from that day alee things would never abide the same.

The Affectation of Admiral Donald Trump.

There is an African adage that states, “a monkey does not see its behind.” This is accurate with the accepted president. On one duke Donald Trump says that because of access of goods, Americans accept no jobs. He says that his ambition is to actualize jobs for Americans by auspicious American based companies to do business. He is planning to abode abundant taxes on articles that appear into America from outside. On the added duke Trump’s articles which cover pens, ties, shampoos and mirrors a part of others are alien with affluence into America. Does he plan to backpack his companies to America too? Does this law administer to anybody – him included? This affectation is what makes me say that Donald Trump is not my president.

President Donald Trump’s Attack On The American Chargeless Press.

The role of columnist in any accustomed association is to betrayal the accuracy to the public. It is the babysitter with the albatross of attention the interests of association adjoin malpractices. In the accepted bearing if humans in ability use their ability to abuse the weak, it is the media which exposes such practices. If Trump came to power, a part of the aboriginal affair he did was to advance the columnist from white house. He kept advancing the capital media houses and calling them names. Really? What is traveling on here? Who is bluffing who here? What is he hiding? Americans are wiser than this. We aren’t fools.

Dictators “Get Started By Suppressing Chargeless Press.”

Any absolute government consistently starts its aphorism by muzzling the media. Once they abolish the eye of the society, they accept a acreage day accomplishing their mission. Needless to say, there are humans in the Republican Party who angle for the truth. They accept banned to be acclimated like puppets because they accept a backbone. Senator McCain is one such guy. He stood on the accuracy if his bang-up approved to act awful and said that dictators activate by black chargeless press. Do you wish to acquaint me that Trump wants to yield us aback to the medieval age? Us? America? The apple leader? No way – that is why Donald Trump is not my president.

How Admiral Donald Trump is Turning the American Humans Adjoin One Another.

Now you acquaint me; Americans accept lived as brothers and sisters anytime since. All of a abrupt you are fabricated to see your acquaintance as an enemy. A guy who works two jobs to accomplish ends accommodated is branded a analgesic just because of his race. Immigrants are beheld as intruders. Some accept been afar from their families and others are at their breaking point because of all-overs as they do not apperceive what will appear tomorrow. Someone acquaint Trump that babyminding should be across-the-board and humane! May God accept benevolence on America. Not one advance is abundant to put all our grievances. I accept in affection and candor and that is why Donald Trump is not my president.

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